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Children's literary houses

Famous Dwellings in Children's Fiction
Famous Dwellings in Children's Fiction Brought to Life in Fascinating Detail
Autor: Rosalind Ashe, Lisa Tuttle
Verlag: A Dragon's World Book 1984
ISBN: 0905895924
Zustand: gut - sehr gut
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Das Seeungeheuer im Mannenweier

Geschichten aus St. Gallen und dem Rest der Welt
Zustand: sehr gut
Autor: Peter Rechsteiner
Verlag: Appenzeller Verlag, 2. Aufl. 2001
ISBN: 97838588228197
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Jonathan Mouse at the Circus

Illustrated by Agnès Mathieu
Jonathan, the mischievous little mouse, was going to find some food in the village when he noticed that something was happening down in the meadow by the stream. People were putting up an enormous tent, and there were colorful trucks and trailers that looked like little houses on wheels.
Autor: Ingrid Ostheeren, Agnès Mathieu
Verlag: North-South Books 1988
ISBN: 3855390010
Zustand: gut - sehr gut
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illustrated by Quentin Gréban
In englischer Sprache
Thoug Pinocchio is one of the most beloved characters in the world, the famous puppet is known to many people only through the Disney movie. How much richer is the Pinocchio of Carlo Collodi's creation. Here illustrated with great art and subtlety by renowned Belgian artist Quentin Gréban, Collodi's Pinocchio is a tale you will never forget.
Autor: Quentin Gréban, Carlo Collodi
Verlag NorthSouth, 2010
ISBN: 9780735823242
Zustand sehr gut, neuwertig
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Remembering Crystal

In englischer Sprache
Crystal had lived in the garden for many years. She was growing old. Zelda was just starting out in life. They were best friends. They read books together. They took trips together. And they talked about everything. But one day Crystal was not in the garden. In this gentle story, children learn, with Zelda, that true friendship is a gift that doesn't die.
Autor: Sebastian Loth
Verlag North South, 2009
ISBN: 9780735823006
Zustand neuwertig
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The Little Green Goose

In englischer Sprache
Mr. Goose longs for a baby of his own, but the egg he finds to sit on hatches into a most unusual chick!
Autor: Adele Sansone, Anke Faust
Verlag NorthSouth, 2009
ISBN: 9780735822924
Zustand sehr gut, neuwertig
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The Story of Ferdinand

By Munro Leaf. Illustrated by Robert Lawson
Die Geschichte von Ferdinand dem Stier, der am liebsten ruhig und vergnügt unter seiner Korkeiche sitzt und an den Blumen riecht, während die anderen sich in der Arena abkämpfen..... in englischer Sprache. Zustand: gut - sehr gut, Ecken leicht bestossen
Autor: Munro Leaf, Robert Lawson (Illustr.)
Verlag: Hamish Hamilton London, 9. Aufl. 1953
ISBN: keine
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Where's My Mommy?

In englischer Sprache
When sleepy Little Kitty awakes from her nap, she can't find her mommy. Her new friends are happy to help. "Say, moo!" says the calf. "Say, oink!" says the pig. "Say, quack!" says the duck. After all, that's how they call their mommies. Poor Little Kitty?s mom is nowhere to be found until Kitty tries one more thing.
Autor: Carol Roth, Sean Julian
Verlag NordSouth, 2011
ISBN: 9780735840324
Zustand neuwertig
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In englischer Sprache
What is the farmer's wife doing to that cow? What is she collecting from the chickens' nests? What's that strange noise? What's inside the beehives? Wiggles the puppy has so many questions, "Wait and see", her father tells her as they explore the farm one morning. But Wiggles is too curious to wait. Wiggling with excitement, she bounds heedlessly into everything, leaving a trail of comical mishaps in her wake.
Autor: Christophe Loupy, Eve Tharlet
Verlag North-South 2005
ISBN: 9780735819801
Zustand sehr gut, neuwertig